Stick War Legacy 4

Stickman’s adventures have gained immense popularity. Many players pay their attention to this line of games. Probably, there is no such person who hasn’t heard about it. If you haven’t tried playing Stickman yet, you should really start with Stick War: Legacy 4 to meet the legendary character and arrange a real confrontation. The game gives you the opportunity to play as a whole army. Manage it, develop it, buy units, unique equipment, and also try to resist other armies to show how strong you are. The creators stated that the game belongs to such a genre as action, but in fact, it is more about strategies. Here you can control both one character and entire squads. That can come in handy in the heat of the combat when the actions of one soldiers can be just as decisive as the whole tactics of the army.

The main advantage is the gameplay. It turned out to be very interesting, beautiful and attractive. Complete levels, achieve goals and be the best among others. Upgrade your army, combine your troops and try to choose your own approach to any of the rivals. You need to balance the powers of your units wisely to achieve the most beneficial result. And that requires tactical skills. Think with your own brains and try to defeat all rivals that stand in your way. Plunge headlong into the world of Inamorta now! The game universe is inhabited by several tribes, each of which uses its own technology. For a long time, they have been going separate ways and now they don’t even want to consider the possibility of living in peace. You must be ready to attack any of the tribes. At any time, they can turn against you and show their power. Gather the necessary resources, prepare your army, come up with your own strategy and decide how you will conduct the confrontation.

The graphics are also beautiful allowing you to immerse yourself even deeper into the atmosphere of the battle. You will be amazed by realistic physics and the way the characters interact which looks a lot like in real life. The game is constantly updated, units are added, new missions, as well as additional features. Thus, Stick War Legacy 4 becomes varied and quite interesting. The graphics, gameplay and some unique gameplay features should delight you and draw you profoundly into the universe of Inamorta. Start exploring it right now and discover your strategic talent!

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21 Stars
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