Stick War Legacy Game Play Online For Free

Do you want to become a mighty and wise general commanding a powerful army? Are you ready to take up the challenges on the battlefield? Can you defeat an enemy that outnumbers you? You can see that playing Stick War online! This game will put you in charge of your own troops that you will recruit, train and improve. You need to defend your own kingdom and conquer the others. Let’s begin!

A little bit of history

The events of the game unfold in the world of Inamorta. For ages, it has been populated by tribes a war with each other. Each tribe was good at a certain battle technology and took pride in honing it over the centuries. However, constant battles have taken a heavy toll on the population. People were dying and the land was covered with blood. One day, a young leader decided to end all this. He was striving for a world without violence. But the neighbors didn’t want to listen. They were so infatuated with war that they couldn’t imagine another life.

So our hero thought he needed to be strong and defeat them. He created his own tribe called The Order. It united faithful and noble people dedicated to the idea of stopping constant wars. Even if it meant running another one, the last one. Now there is a hard and important mission on your shoulders – conquering your neighbors and getting hold of their military technologies. And that’s what you’ll be doing playing Stick War!

Fight and win!

The genre of the game is similar to battle simulators and tower defense. You have to recruit an army consisting of several types of units and consider their strengths and weaknesses to organize the defense of your base the best possible way. At the same time, your goal is to ruin the base of your opponent. The heart of each kingdom is the statue – it needs to be protected at all costs. Once the statue is ruined, the battle is over. So you must achieve good balance between offense and defense.

All units cost a certain amount of gold that can be earned for victories. But it also accumulates automatically, so you can just wait a bit. You can also improve the characteristics of your warriors to make them stronger, faster and more agile. That will require you to participate in as many combats as you can to gain experience. Over time, you’ll get used to the gaming mechanics and will learn the peculiarities and secrets of the gameplay. That will make your strategic planning and tactical decisions much easier and you will become more effective on the battlegrounds.

The units in the game are quite diverse, there are melee fighters, archers and even mages. There are also giants that are good at sending over to crash everything in their way. To win, you need to perfectly balance the composition of your troops and figure out how many of each you need to hire. You can also control your soldiers in the process manually. Start playing Stick War online, plunge into the riveting atmosphere of glorious battles and see if you can unite the tribes of Inamorta under the banners of peace and cooperation!

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