Stick War Legacy 3

If you are a lover of strategy games, then you may like a rather extraordinary gameplay time offered by Stick War: Legacy 3! Even taking a quick glance at the screenshots, it’s safe to say that the game is really quite unusual as a strategy. And you will definitely get even more sure of it after several minutes of actual gameplay. So don’t waste your time, start right now!

In general, it all looks as follows: you play against an opponent (so far only the mode against the computer is available), and each of you has a statue that generates 20 points of gold in a certain period of time. Destroying the statue of your enemy is the goal of the match. Whose statue will be destroyed first, they lost. You can destroy a statue by winning a battle against an opponent, i.e. you must kill their units (with your units) and advance to the statue. Units can be bought for gold, which you immediately mine, right next to your statue. It takes a certain period of time to buy each unit (depending on the strength of the unit). This is where the fun begins. There are 6 types of units in the game. They are different in their strength and battle style. Some use melee weapons, some shoot arrows and some are even familiar with magic. Mixing them up wisely is the key to success. An important feature of the game is that you don’t just recruit a certain number of soldiers, put them on the battlefield and then just watch them fight. You can actually take control of certain units right in the process and send them where you think they’ll be most helpful. For instance, you can command several units to attack one single giant and this is your chance of stopping them before they get to the statue they are aiming for.

Today there are two game modes in Stick War Legacy 3: campaign and tournament. The word “campaign” speaks for itself: you go through different levels of the game. At some levels, you really need to destroy the enemy statue, but there are also levels where you just need to protect your statue from the raid of enemies. But in the tournament mode, you can compete with various players from the computer and increase your rating moving up the leaderboards. There are three difficulty levels in tournament mode: normal, hard and insane. Choose the one you’ll enjoy most and start the battle!


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