Stick War 2

Another dynamic battle game is here! And very soon you’ll lead your army to brilliant victory in Stick War 2. Upon entering you are greeted by an epic beautiful picture that shows the essence of the gameplay, that is, battles. The picture is as detailed as possible and clearly thought out, which already gives a huge plus to such a gorgeous game. Here you can see many of the warriors you will play as.

Next, you see the main menu. Here you can play either in a campaign, going through very exciting missions, or take part in a grand tournament and achieve the pinnacle of solemn glory. The menu is not complicated and accessible for any person. Everyone will understand what to do next. The game also has a standard difficulty scale: usually, difficult, insane. Each player will be able to choose which style of play they will be more comfortable with.

The gameplay itself is quite fun and interesting. The first thing you will do at the very beginning is to go through the learning process, which you must definitely study and learn all the intricacies of the game in order to be the best and go through all the levels without difficulty. The main thing is to protect your statue, and, on the contrary, destroy the enemy with the help of your soldiers. Thus, you will win and pass the level.

After training, you will have access to a map in which there are lands where your enemies live. You need to conquer all these lands that include various locations like mountains, desert, woods, hills and even some snow-covered lands. In tournament mode, you will fight for the champion title in turns, with everyone and in different modes. It is quite exciting and fascinating to play here.

In the armory, you can upgrade all your warriors so that they are stronger, faster, more powerful. Without improving your army, you cannot win very strong opponents, so this part is very important for the player and progress in the game. As you proceed, you will be able to unlock more units with even more impressive abilities. Start discovering what else you can do in Stick War 2 right now and have a gripping battle online that will surely make you sweaty!

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