Stick War Legacy 2

Stick War Legacy 2 is already here! The game process is straightforward. Each of the opponents will have a statue at the other end of the map. It needs to be destroyed. This will require the creation of an army. But to create it, you need resources. And for this we hire miners who will extract gold. Further – forward, to fight!

There are three strategies available: defense (units are on guard, miners are working), attack (troops are attacking, miners are working) and reinforced defense (troops and miners are hiding, castle archers are guarding). After successful completion, the player receives 20 gems and two points to improve the skills of units. By the way, the game has a funny soundtrack. You can compose your army of various units types. Blockheads are the ones we have to manage at the first level of the game. Probably the weakest units, if miners are excluded. However, in the future they can be strengthened, but more on that later.

Archery are ranged units. Very good when facing clumsy opponents. However, in close combat, they are easily killed by the same spearmen and swordsmen. The latter are the simplest ground unit. Appears instead of a blockhead after passing a level. They have optimal parameters: they are fast, powerful and well protected from enemy attacks. At the same time, the cheapest. However, they are capable of crushing the enemy only in huge numbers. Compared to swordsmen, spears have the best characteristics of strength and protection, but they are inferior to them in attack speed and normal speed. That is why it’s highly not recommend using them as an attacking force. In exceptional cases, only as cannon fodder. Magicians are great because they summon helpers. They are smaller, have less strength and health, but are dangerous in large quantities. Also, they can use stun: nearby enemy units take fixed damage.

Inhabitants of unpopulated lands are the most expensive and slowest combat units. However, their shortcomings are fully compensated for by crushing power and a large supply of health. When you first encounter the giants, as they are called otherwise, it’s advisable to hire two swordsmen, and for the remaining reserves of gold, archers. Ranged units will kill the giant while the swordsmen distract it. Other tactics don’t work, the giants immediately demolish the troops and the statue. Come up with your own strategies and have fun!


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