Stick War 3

Are you ready to engage in a massive battle of an unseen scale? Then you just have to play Stick War 3! Here you will be put in control of a whole army consisting of schematic men that will plunge into the most dangerous fights at your command. As a wise general, you need to recruit only the best soldiers to your troops and make sure their powers are balanced properly. Shall we begin? The game has a plot, but it is not particularly important. In the beginning, we are shown an introductory video, which describes the warring clans and their abilities. The graphics in the game are made in the style of stickmen – black figures in different landscapes. Physics here, as always, is at its best. It’s really a delight to witness everything that is happening on the screen and you won’t be bored for a single moment.

The essence of Stick War 3 is to conquer the opponent’s base. We have to break the army and destroy the enemy’s statue, after which they will be counted as a defeat. To build our empire (in total, you can release 40 units), we need gold collectors, they mine the precious yellow metal and replenish our common piggy bank. In the course of the passage, namely a single company, we gradually discover soldiers ranging from ordinary infantrymen to giants. You can thus define the strength and classifications of your army figuring out which of the units will be better to involve in every particular combat.

Naturally, we can upgrade our army, as well as buy various perks in the store, such as a flurry of arrows from archers and a rage mode from spearmen. With every battle, the experience of the units participating in it will grow and you can use those points to increase their skills. The controls are very well thought out and at the same time clear and simple. We can go on the attack, defend ourselves, or even escape from the battlefield to our castle. It is also possible to control individual soldiers, although it isn’t obligatory. The sound in the game is simply gorgeous, all battles are accompanied by a cool epic melody. You will also remember the battle cry of the spearmen, very similar to what you can hear in the movie 300 Spartans. You can really feel the whole atmosphere of the battlegrounds and imagine that this is actually taking place somewhere in the virtual land. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and vast tactical opportunities of Stick War 3 and see how many battles you will be able to win!

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