Stick War Castle Defense

Do you like the genre of tower defense? Then you will surely enjoy playing Stick War Castle Defense where you will control an army of characters with various abilities protecting your fortress from the attacks of dangerous enemies. To succeed, you need to demonstrate both strategic thinking and tactical skills. Shall we begin? There are really a lot of maps here – a whole chain of them, and in each link of the chain there are several more levels. So the passage will take a lot of your time. And not every level can be beaten at the first attempt – sometimes you will need to see how the enemy will behave in such an atmosphere, find the most acceptable solution to protect the castle, and only then start trying to pass the level. This is also a nice moment, because you need to not just poke on the buttons, but also think about what to do first and what second.

At the beginning of the game, we are given to choose which characters to play – among the units there are warriors, archers, magicians and other interesting comrades. By clicking on the hero’s icon, you can see what their features are – someone has more life points, someone has more attack power. Your goal is to place them on the walls of the castle so that the enemy has a minimum chance of capturing your stronghold. During the game, you can also control one unit, assigning specific tasks to it and sending it to a hot spot on the battlefield.

An interesting point in the game is the ability to improve some of the characteristics of your units. For example, you can increase the amount of health, mana, defense level and attack power. To improve these indicators, you need to earn experience and crystals. They are given after the end of the battle, so it is in your best interest to carry out as many fights as possible in order to gain currency and experience. The game turned out to be very interesting, with a wonderful design and an amazing game world. Users will definitely enjoy playing Stick War Castle Defense, without the heaps of blood and bones that prevail in most products of this type. It remains only to learn how to make decisions quickly, think over a battle strategy and begin to conquer the game world. Collect crystals, improve performance, upgrade magic attacks and characteristics of your warriors, learn to use all the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, and then passing the game will only bring positive emotions!

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