Stick War 2 Order Empire

There is hardly a more fascinating and at the same time challenging experience than commanding a whole army. You need to be good in both strategy and tactics. You need to retain a cool head because you never know when you’ll need to take a crucial decision that will turn the course of the battle. And you have to be capable of learning from your defeats to ensure future victories. You can gain all these skills playing Stick War 2 Order Empire!

In this game the kingdom of Stickmen is being attacked by a powerful enemy. The hostile army is already approaching your fortress which is the last stronghold on your boundaries, so organizing its defense the right way is vital for the further going of the whole war. You don’t have much time, the enemy is practically at your walls, so you need to start recruiting soldiers right now! It’s important to come up with the right distribution of melee units, arches and wizards to make sure your castle is thoroughly protected. The warriors will be put in places of your choice. You have to consider the weak points of your fortress and cover them most densely.

And surely the main thing is not to let the enemy pass through the gates. So you have to put your best knights there. Back them up with long-range units that will shower the foes with arrows and spells as they are approaching your walls. Every level will be more complicated than the previous, and there will be several waves of attacks, with the power of your opponents increasing. But you will be able to upgrade your troops as well. Remember that it’s not brutal force that decides the outcome of the battle, but rather the talent of the army’s general. Do you think you have one? The best way to find out is to playing Stick War 2 Order Empire online right now!

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